Carbon finance

Long term financing for sustainable livelihoods

Regenerative rangeland management and fire management increases biodiversity and grassland cover. This removes carbon from the atmosphere, stored in a strengthened system of roots, soil organisms and above ground grasses. This can be measured, certified and sold as Voluntary Carbon Units (VCUs).

Mafisa is undertaking feasibility and baseline studies, with a view to registering a validated project with Verra. Verra is the organisation that has developed the Verified Carbon Standard used to verify and certify carbon projects that meet specific criteria and result in measurable emission reduction. A validated project will enable substantial expansion of the Mafisa programme – not necessarily limited to the current area of operation.

In the first instance, revenues will pay for the services provided to the community by Mafisa. From the outset, carbon revenues enable animal health services to be provided free of charge to farmers participating in the rangeland management programme.

Revenues generated by the sale of VCUs will flow back to participating communities via a Community Development Trust and local Community Committees.

Mafisa is focused on ensuring transparency and fairness with regard to how revenues are earned, shared and distributed. The decision on what money is spent on will rest with each community.